Comprehensive Services


Ensuring our children have the right fuel in their bodies to engage in all of our activities, we provide delicious and nutritious breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. Infants are fed on demand--and we provide the formula and diapers!


For those families who have no other means to transport their child to school, we provide transportation services. All of our school buses are equipped with three point harnesses, a monitor and a driver to ensure the safe transport of our most precious cargo!


Triumph believes a successful start in school is only possible with a health body. Vision, hearing and weight screenings will ensure your child is on the right track toward healthy development. We partner with parents to ensure immunizations, physicals and dental examinations are up to date.  

Mental Health & Disabilities

 Triumph provides developmental and social/emotional screenings to every child to help identify children with complex needs. Early detection is the key to helping your child meet their full potential. We work collaboratively with families to identify the best possible programs and resources for your child.

Resource & Referral

A Family Engagement Specialist or Home Visitor is provided to each family. This unique partnership assists families in identifying goals for themselves and their children and supports them in reaching those goals. The Family Engagement Specialist also helps you to access resources in the community.